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I've noticed a new change (or maybe I just haven't noticed before) in the way Google is changing up the titles placing the business name first with a colon and then the homepage title tag like this: Image 2013.03.11 12:07:13 PM.png

I am curious if anyone knows how they know it's the business name. # of citations? Schema tag? Connection to Google+ local? Pulling from the end of the title tag?

Most I have noticed are organic listings but I also saw this one in the local listings: Image 2013.03.11 12:10:36 PM.png

This one is not the practice name but the doc's name listed at the end of the title tag. Business name has more citations than the doc's name. : Image 2013.03.11 12:12:28 PM.png

Another couple of examples:
Image 2013.03.11 12:17:19 PM.png

I know this isn't earth shattering and I quite like the display so I am just curious, what information is making Google display some if these in this consistent way?

I don't think that G is pulling different title tags, I think some people are just writing them differently. I have played around over the years but always come back to the classic version.

LOL It keeps rejecting the title tag, so you will have to use your imagination to envision this wrapped in title tags but I use
My Keywords | My business<title>My Keyword | My business</title>

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I completely apologize I just checked out a couple of the sites you used as an example and they are not written using the colon.

Interesting, I will be curious what others have to say, never seen them changed like that.
Thanks for reporting this.

I also noticed it recently and it certainy is an interesting find - In terms of, why are they doing this. By default, it looks like titles are being given "business name:" at the start of the given title.

If this change ends up becoming the norm, I will be stoked. I have always kind of thought my title tags decreased ctr, but helped rankings. I will always have my cake and eat it too, if that is an option :)

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