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Aug 11, 2021
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I'm looking to revamp our website to follow more best practices for local SEO. It is a for a tour company. Let's say for example we are in Vancouver and take people on tours to Whistler, BC.

We have a good rank for this exact keyword, but if someone types Whistler Tours we have no position. I want to improve that. I also want to rank for other cities in the area that we can go from. The homepage would still be based on the main city.

What are your thoughts on the following potential structures?

Homepage: Whistler Tours from Vancouver (main service area and source of organic traffic)

Service Area Pages:
Option 1:
City > Service from City
Vancouver > Whistler Tours from Vancouver
Richmond > Whistler Tours from Richmond

Option 2:
City > Neighborhood Name > Services from Neighborhood
Vancouver > Downtown Vancouver > Whistler Tours from Downtown Vancouver
Vancouver > East Vancouver > Whistler Tours from East Vancouver, Vancouver
Richmond > Golden Village > Whistler Tours from Golden Village

Option 3:
Service > city
Whistler Tours > Vancouver
Whistler Tours > Richmond

Option 4:
Service > City > Neighborhood
Whistler Tours > Vancouver > East Vancouver
Whistler Tours > Richmond > Golden Village

Let me know what your thoughts are! Maybe one of these option or a combination. Thank you!
I would go with option 1.

There are a few other threads on this topic that you might want to check out.


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