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Aug 28, 2023
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We've noticed a dramatic drop-off in one of our service areas after adding some additional service offerings. To the tune of a 50% reduction.

This happened at pretty much the exact same time we opened bidding on other services with LSA.

Has anyone seen this happen before? Any advice on how to fix?
Do you mean a drop in leads from a targeted location or a drop in leads from a specific job type?

I've definitely noticed a reduction in LSA lead volume relative to any number of factors, including adding add'l industries, job types, or not doing anything whatsoever.

Maybe try increasing the budget to align with the add'l services (industries & job types).
Hey Chris. Thanks for the response.

The drop in leads is in relation to a specific service, not area, and happened around the same time we added additional service offerings.

We did adjust the budget by about 60% to accomodate this and are only hitting about 25% of our weekly budget.

Volume remains high across all services, but the leads for this particular service have dropped dramatically.

LSA is saying it's a demand issue since our profile still ranks no 1 in our area for this job type. Is there any credibility to that? It just seems strange it happened at almost exactly the same time we added the other job types.
Yeah, I hear you on the timing, definitely weird. On the credibility question, my Google trust quotient goes from usually nil to reserved confidence depending on the situation. So we're SOL there.

Maybe if they could actually back that statement up with verifiable data, it would help.

I'd probably try disabling the new services to see if you notice a bump back up in the others. Also, you can create another account to target a different industry/vertical/job types - and ID a more accurate CPL. (ex: 1 acct for HVAC, 1 acct for plumbing)
I've created another account that just advertises the service with the reduced volume. Right now I'm testing it out in another market.

So far volume is low there as well, and I've noticed that the CPL is higher than our main account with the mixed service set.

One more piece of info: we are consistently ranking in the top spot for this service. Often times there is only one additional competitor that we consistently beat out.

If our ad is always in the top spot are there any other variables to address for this issue? Could Google have made some sort of update to how it recommends this service? I really wish there was an LSA volume tracker or something similar.


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