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Dec 3, 2013
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Hi Everyone,

While reviewing the competition for a local service client recently, I noticed that some of the competitors had added products to their GBP. The "products" listed were actually services (think things like "drain cleaning", "AC Repair", or "SEO"). Is this allowed by Google or are they taking a risk and hoping Google won't notice?

If it's not violating Google's policies, could those "products" be helping their rankings?

This is one of my pet peeves. Services are not products but I see roofers, plumbers and HVAC usage alot. IMO products do not help with rankings but they can help with conversions and getting justifications in the SERP.

I like to use them for car dealers and get some decent engagement with them linking to product pages on their website. I've done it with a lighting store, furniture store and a boutique clothing store for example.
While we don't usually do it as a default, I see no inherent issues with it, ethical or otherwise. Apparently, neither do our colleagues at Sterling Sky:

We use Products religiously, even when they are Services and do see improvement in client listings. Google will remove them when it is clear it is a service-only. IE Plumber had them removed. When we create a Product we focus our language on the outcome the customer will receive and that has decreased the number of declines.
No nothing else happened. We treat that particular listing with kid gloves because the smallest trigger seems to trigger Google's AI and get it suspended but with Products we created new ones, re-write the description and used result-focused products like an A/C. So we focused on getting an air conditioner not on the install of the A/C. :)
Right or wrong, until Google gives the same prominence, visibility, and functionality of the Products feature to the Service section, you're going to see companies use the Products section to list services. Until recently, services have only been seen on mobile devices which is also painful.
There is no harm in adding them - it's not against any guidelines. That being said, they probably won't get much activity so I would not invest a lot of time or effort on it.
You push competitors a few inches down on the SERP. That alone is worth it in my opinion. We add everything we can. Preferably the Local Inventory Feed, otherwise manual.
I use them to call out our grocery stores' services and our own brands, they are positioned quite prominently in our business profiles but that's about it. Other than visibility it affords us no further traction that I have been able to detect. But I will take visibility any time I can get it! Wish there was a bulk upload option for this.
It's one of those things that you have to determine if it's worth your time or not. If you have a checklist and are looking for every possible nook and cranny to optimize then go for it. I personally do them on my listings and haven't seen any negative impact, so it's either neutral or positive.
So... question...

Services are a ranking factor, according to what I have seen from Darren Shaw and Luc Durand.

According to the posts above, products are not a ranking factor.

Let's say my business offers 'martial arts classes'.

Google has 'martial arts classes' as a predefined service. I'd like the profile to rank for that, so I select it.

Can I ALSO list 'martial arts classes' as a product, so I can have a nice little martial arts related picture and that exposure on the profile as a product?

Or will duplicating it as both a product and a service cause issues (suspension?).

Your thoughts, please :)


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