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Sep 16, 2019
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I am new to GMB and local listings and would greatly appreciate any help with the following.

My partner is a dance instructor and offers private lessons at her home, as well as group classes at a local dance studio. I want to set up a GMB for her but am not sure of the best strategy.

She has had an arrangement with a local tango dance studio for over five years where she rents out their studio every week for her group classes. She is the studio's resident instructor for her genre of dancing, even though she is an independent instructor with her own business.

Ideally, she would like to use the studio address for the GMB. The potential problem is the studio already has a well established GMB for that specific address and their main GMB is in the 3 pack for the main keyword we are targeting.

So would it be okay to simply use the exact same address as the studio? ie. Local Dance Studio, 123 Main Street and also have for example Shelley Smith Dance Instructor, 123 Main Street ?

Or would I need to add a qualifier to the address so it's slightly different ie. if the studio address is "123 Main St", then I could use "123 Main St, First Floor". But is that enough to avoid any filtering out of the new GMB since the studio's GMB is already established and ranked?

Another option is to use her home address as the brick and mortar location, but for privacy reasons she would prefer not to have that publicly listed. Plus it's actually in a suburb of the main city whereas the studio is in the city we are targeting.

A third option is to use her home address for verification and then list her as a SAB since she does technically travel to give lessons at peoples homes, though 95% of the time people either come to her, or go to the studio for her group classes. But I could list her as SAB and then make sure all the suburb areas and postal codes near the studio are listed.

Any and all tips and suggestions as to what would work best for her GMB would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much!
Hey Mark,

Using the same address as the studio would likely cause one of them to get filtered since they're sharing the same categories and competing for the same keywords. Adding a suite number makes no impact since the filter is based on the location of the business (the pin marker) not what you enter in as the address.

If clients actually show up at her home for lessons, I'd suggest showing the address. I have a neighbor who has a dance studio in her house and we go there for my kids' classes.
Hi Joy,

Thanks for the fast reply.

She is very concerned about privacy and would prefer not to show her full address. She is in a condo and is okay showing the street address but not the unit number.

Is it possible to put in the entire address and keep it hidden until she gets the verification card in the mail, and then simply remove the unit number and edit the GMB to then show just the street address?
Yeah if you verify the listing using the home address, just select the option when you set it up that says you don't have a location customers can visit (you don't want it on Google Maps) and it will automatically hide your address.
@JoyHawkins Where do I find the option for 'don't have a location customers can visit (you don't want the address on Google maps)? It just seems to be saying you can leave the address empty if you don't have a location like a storefront or an office. See attached.

gmb business location no storefront.jpg
If the listing is set up already, you want to just clear the address. The little memo at the bottom says it will hide your address.

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