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Sep 24, 2018
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What's the best way to create a listing for a manufacturer that has one location for their office and another location for shipping and receiving?
@Pam Weber, for better or for worse, the shipping-and-receiving location wouldn't be eligible for a GMB page (unless in-person transactions with customers also happen there).
That's what we told them. Then they sent links to their 2 GMB listings with one having the company name - office and the other with company name - shipping & receiving.
Sounds like they're already live and there's no reason to create them. Did you need any further help?
It sounds like your client created the shipping and receiving listing against your advice. Were you just confirming best practices before pushing them to close the shipping and receiving listing?
I just tested something similar with another client, against my advice. Their rankings are continuing to drop. :eek:

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