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Dec 18, 2018
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I have a new client that is a fishing charter company. He picks up his customers at a marina and takes them out on fishing trips. His current GBP is set up as a SAB. Since he has an address where customers go, should I change his GBP to a brick and mortar business? AKA, add his address? The only signage he has is on his fishing boat. There is no signage for him at the actual marina.

Any advice would be really appreciated!
I would leave it as is. Once you edit the address, you will either need to reverify or get suspended.
Do you know what Google's take is on this type of business? His home address for where he verified the profile is not in the ideal spot for where he wants to be ranking. He'd like to be ranking at the marina. But it could be difficult to re-verify the profile given that there is no standing signage. The only signage they have is on their boat. Would Google accept this? I'm not sure what their take is on boat charter businesses? It's not a definite SAB business because they do not serve customers at their location, but it's not a definite brick and mortar because they don't have a store front.
I agree that you should be wary of losing verification if you make that change.

Does your client actually have a BaM location where customers are served (ie a building), or is the location where he does business just a pick up spot (ie they like to pick up customers at a specific dock)?

If it's the former, and you feel there's a significant correlation between that location and the business generated, then it might be worth considering making that change. It is a gamble though.

Further, if they do have a building where the customers are served, you'll definitely need signage on it before you make any changes. Don't even consider it without that at a minimum.

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