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Aug 26, 2018
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I have a client (general contractor) that serves a metro area that is on the border of 2 states.
They have an office in the main city (State 1) which most people will use to search for local services. We moved their GMB listings to this location.
However, their official address (business registration, mailing, IRS etc) is in the smaller town (suburb) in State 2. It still gets searches for the services, but they don't have a walk-in office.

  1. Should I create the second location for GMB (State 2) as service area business?
  2. Does it even matter to Google that the official business address is in State 2 (not State 1 where the walk-in office is located)?
  3. If I do create the second location, should I focus on building reviews for both locations or focus on the walk-in/higher search volume location only?
  4. When cleaning up citations, should I build citations to both locations or just one?
  5. Finally, should I add the name of the city to separate 2 locations? (I think the answer to this one is no, but I am making sure.)
If you have any other insight that I should consider in this situation - please let me know. I've never dealt with multi0location businesses before (and not sure if I am dealing with one right now.)

Thank you in advance.
If the official documentation doesn't match the address you're using for Google, it would be an issue if the listing ever got suspended and you were trying to get it reinstated.

If the State 2 address is simply a mailing address like a PO Box, you aren't actually allowed to create a listing there and it would likely get suspended immediately. In order for a service area business to qualify for a second listing, it would need to have completely different service areas, a different phone number, different staff, a different page on your website, and a location that is not a virtual office/PO box/coworking space.

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