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Jul 21, 2014
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As the title asks, if we see service area businesses with a visible address is that something that should be reported.

Should, not could.

It's certainly a violation but since supposedly an address being displayed doesn't help with rankings it's not like the fact they are showing the address is hurting someone else. It's likely more of an honest mistake, so I'm not sure if I would feel good about doing that.

If it's something that we should report it, would you just go into Maps and suggest an edit and make a note that it's a SAB?
I personally would never report because it was never explained to SABs and they were never even warned or notified - so often they don't know and it's an innocent mistake.

But if it's obvious spam that's different. Bogus additional listing, KW stuffed names and other spammy signals + address showing - then I would report all.
Thanks. I agree. Have a client who wasn't happy because I told him he had to hide his address while his top competitor was displaying.

Slightly different, does a SAB have be displayed in maps to have a local GMB page? Another client who doesn't want his address publicized has a map listing and even though it's a SAB the pin market is right on his house.

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