Sep 29, 2015
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Thus far, I've found all the Review/Reputation Management Services to be bloated with features we don't know and expensive when you have multiple locations (they charge per location). A home-based startup on a shoestring budget with 20 locations can't afford 20 X $40 = $800/month to pay a service just to send emails for review requests when we need to send like 1-3 requests per location per month!

So of course we've been doing it manually thus far. I am thinking there must be a low-cost solution out there to do this in a bit more managed way. The main thing we need other than the function to actually send the email is to keep track of who has already received a request so we don't send the request twice. This is the workflow I'm looking for:

1) Upload or enter a list of new customer names and emails - either select the location I'm uploading for, or, put the location ID/Name in the delimited upload list. I can live with uploading one location at a time for now if necessary.

2) System checks to see if any emails match emails previously sent, and ignores those emails

3) System sends a custom email message with link to Google Review entry page (I can figure out the Google Review URLs and enter them manually if necessary - don't care about any other review sites.)

That's it. Simple. Seems like maybe one way to accomplish this is using MailChimp or similar email service. In that case there would need to be an email list/template for each location. But is there anything out there that is more purpose-built for this task that costs less than $100/month for a 20-location startup?
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Phil Rozek

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Jul 26, 2012
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@consultant, not that I know of.

Stick with the manual approach. It's still the least-bad option for a good 95% of non-enterprise businesses. Very doable with 20 locations, if you have a decent spreadsheet/workflow and designated "review people" who can follow instructions.
Apr 24, 2019
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@consultant , we actually have an excellent value solution that does pretty much exactly what you've described for $8 per location per month for as long as you'd like the tool. Our 'get reviews' service sits inside our larger tool 'Reputation Manager'. Essentially we send out an NPS survey as part of the review generation sequence, as well as encouraging customers to leave a review on up to three sites of your choice. This gives you a great metric for customer satisfaction but also increases your review volume. We actually have a two week free trial which gives you access to this service for 5 locations, further details can be found here: Online Reputation Management | Monitor and Get More Online Reviews.

Hope that helps.


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Sep 12, 2012
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You could also use an email service like mailchimp I would imagine.
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