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Jan 26, 2022
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My client has several services and several business locations. I'm looking for ideas of what the menus and site structure could be like so that it works for SEO and doesn't look dumb for the users. I know that I need to have the service/location landing pages, but how to make the site structure... Any advice?
@nippala, I'd suggest something like the following:

1. You've got a page on each service, with a "services" dropdown on the main menu.

2. You've got a page on each location, with a "locations" dropdown on the main menu.

3. On each location page list each service you offer there, and link to each service page.

4. On each service page list all the locations where you offer that service, and link to those location pages.

5. Link to at least the most-important service pages and location pages on the homepage and in the footer, and wherever else you can.

Beyond that, I'd probably need to see the specific setup you've got or are considering. (Also have some real-life examples.)

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