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Feb 9, 2014
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Does the "recent posts" widget create a sitewide link problem? I have 10 recent posts listed on the front page of many of my websites. And these 10 recent posts do appear on every other page.

They are, of course, utilizing key word anchor texts on just about every one.

The reason is that I want viewers to be able to see other article topics when they click on a specific article.

I can provide an example of one of the sites if it helps.

Thanks for starting new thread Edward.

Always hard to guess without seeing it but based on what I visualize from what you are describing - no, should not be a problem. Those are more like internal nav links and as long as they don't all have the exact same title, which if there are different articles then they should not - you should be fine.

The prob in that other thread and what will get you penalized is 3000 EXTERNAL links all going to your home page and all with the exact same anchor text like: Atlanta Health Insurance.
OK. That's good news. By the way...Here's an example: (It's one of my sites)

pahealthinsurancecoverage dot com

You'll see five article links and 5 blog links that appear on every page. But yes...they are navigational, so as you said, hopefully it is not an issue.
Thanks for example. Yes, that's what I was picturing and it's totally fine.

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