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Jul 31, 2013
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I'm using Firefox over Comcast (running over 20 mbps) and the new GMaps seems way slower than the older version.
Are others' finding the same thing?
If so, what is Google saying about that?
If not, suggestions on what I might do to speed it up?
Gotta say that after 50 views and no one offering one word of comment I wonder what's different about this forum compared to the many others I use for technical issues.
I'm not expecting anyone to have ideas as to what the problem might be, but I was expecting someone to say "slow for me too" or "I see no difference" - let alone "it was slow until I changed setting xxx".
Hi newmarket2,

Sorry, we are usually pretty responsive here but are busy helping folks in other parts of the forum with Google Places problems.

This particular part of the forum is new as is the new Google maps, so I missed this post.

Plus I didn't really have anything to add since its not slow for me.
So, the time to load the initial map in the new GMaps is the same as the old.

Since I'm running w 20 mbps download, the latest version of Firefox and 9 gb of memory, I"m a bit at a loss to figure out what I might do....since it appears to be a problem.

Any ideas?
Any way to raise the issue with Google itself?
Have you checked the Google Maps forum? Maybe others are reporting or have posted solutions or Google has commented?

Sorry I specialize in Places and don't really do much with maps directly.
Not sure why I didn't try their forum first, but just did and it's filled with angry postings about how slow and unstable the new GMaps is.

So, I'll dig a little's not uncommon that the average users thinks the app sucks when there is a simple problem, but it is "reassuring" in a bad way to know that it's not just me.
Good point. I had forgotten and that makes a huge diff - although isn't it Google that has had some products in beta for years?
Beta for years? You mean like Google LBC/Places/Local? ;) :p

You do know that you can switch back to maps classic using the upper right gear icon right? If it's not ready for prime time and is slowing you down I'd do that for now.
I will go back. I use it too much to deal with the delays. But, the new version does look promising. Thanks for your help

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