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Jul 18, 2012
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Linda, I was poking around and came across a Google Places/Local listing that was using a keyword rich URL, which then led to a Local Edge landing page for the company and on that page was the company's real URL. Well as it turns out, the company's real URL is also ranking on the page #2 or #3 above the pak and fold

I checked G's quality guidelines and didn't see anything against using a KW rich URL. It simply says to provide one website that represents your individual business location. It also goes on to say...Do not provide...URLs that redirect or “refer” users to landing pages...other than those of the actual business.

The upshot is that this particular business does have two listings above the fold; one above and one within G Places. I can't say I've ever noticed or thought about it before.

What's your take listing the Local Edge landing page with a KW rich URL ?
Don, thanks for starting a great discussion!

I "think" I've seen what you are talking about. One of my clients when I started on account had a KW domain in his Place page. That domain redirected to his main site and both pages ranked. But I removed the redirected domain because G REALLY does not like redirects.

When you do my Local SEO Training, I'll show you one of my Dentists that I got a DOUBLE #1 for. BUT you can do it all on same domain. No need for 2nd domain & dicey re-direct G may not like.

My Dentist is #1 organic with his main domain and an internal page I optimized -

PLUS he's also #1 in local in A spot (blended) with his home page

Before he came to me he was in proximity lock out and could not rank at all because he is as far from city center as you can get. Outskirts of town, bordering on the next state over. So he's a pretty happy camper now. :)
Actually, just to clarify, the KW URL that is in his GP page doesn't redirect to his regular site, but a LocalEdge site. Then from this LocalEdge site, you'll notice his regular website URL.
Oh good. Thanks for sharing the link. Didn't really know what you meant by Leading Edge landing page and was visualizing a slightly different scenario.

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