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Jan 9, 2018
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In March of this year I created new content in the form of an interactive form that could give social security disability claimants some idea of how their age might affect their chances of winning. Spent hours and hours and hours getting the "rules" down. No one on the web has anything like it. I sat back and waited for the avalanche of new leads. Did not happen.

To measure success - to measure who is accessing and finishing this online feedback form have have an /abandoned-page/ for those that do not finish the form, and /success-page/ for those that do finish the form and get an analysis of their situation. Here are most results on GA. They look pretty bad to me. Do others agree?



I don't see anything in those screenshots around leads data. Did you set up Goals to track actual conversions on that page?
Guess I don't understand. Getting to page /abandoned-page is by definition someone who leaves before completing the sequence. Getting to page /success-page means that they made it to the last page of the sequence and received the advice/feedback page.
It's hard to read the screenshots you shared so I'm not 100% sure what I am looking at. What I was suggesting is to set up actual goals, as outlined in this help center document - About goals - Analytics Help

That will allow you to track performance of a specific action to a higher degree.

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