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Feb 25, 2014
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Admins, please move post as needed, I wasn't sure where to post this.

Just received a text;

"Hi Conor. I noticed you do a lot of reviews on Google. I will pay you $40 to do reviews just like the one you did at the Fernston Downtown. I can pay you via cash App or any other type of payment you choose. I will have several reviews that you will be able to do if you are interested in getting paid. I can even pay you half up front! Feel free to call or text. Thanks!"

In the text they included a copy of the image posted here.

So, my reviews are worth $40 - that's nice. But it's definitely spam. Is there a place to report on something like this? Do I just expose their phone number here? :)

Of course, the default gut reaction is to ignore and delete, but at the same time, here's an opportunity to bust a spammer which I spend many hours fighting fake reviews and businesses online to begin with.

Don't do it. These people can and do post negative reviews. I have seen too many horror stories. It's best to just ignore them or forward me the offer.
Don't do it.

Oh, not a chance in hell that I'd be doing it. As I said, I spend hours fighting fake reviews and fake listings - the last thing I'd be doing is generating one myself.

I'll send you a PM with the phone number that came in via text (not sure where they found my cellphone number either unless it's tied to my Google profile/Google Local Guides section - or they could have done a web search).
Oh for sure, no reply from my end - just seeing if there's a resource to submit these kinds of places, much like I do with robo calls etc
You can report the text to the FTC but it will only work if the person is in the US.

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