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Feb 26, 2019
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Working through making edits to the Google My Business landscape for a client and had about 9 that needed to be done. I have a Level 5 Local Guide account not connected to my business, in case that is important. The first 5 edits got published immediately, the next 4 are being reviewed.

Which prompts my question: Is there any research pointing to spacing out Google My Business edits in order to increase the likelihood of immediate publishing?
Hey @Lanerizz I don't think there is any published research on this. From my experience, spacing out edits can be beneficial in the sense that too many edits can trigger a suspension for some categories.

I would think what makes an edit publish instantly versus going to pending is more about the business category and what piece of data is being edited and less about how many edits you previously made.
Thank you for replying Colan. I am realizing I wasn’t clear with my question. I meant Suggested Edits to other listings in order to fight spam, not edits to listings I control. Does that change anything?
Ah, gotcha. My bad, you were clear I just misread.

I haven't seen any examples or research to suggest that making multiple edits will lower your chances of getting them published. What I do know is that the more edits you make that get denied the lower your overall trust score is, so that can have an impact. But multiple published edits, like in your case, should not have a negative impact on future edits.

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