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Jan 3, 2020
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I remember hearing last year that Google was no longer allowing businesses with the primary category "Pilates Studio" to have a GBP if they were a SAB. They were required to have a physical location.

Are there any other categories where Google doesn't allow a SAB and are required to have a physical location for their GBP? If so, is there a list somewhere or a way to determine if there's going to be an issue?

I'm specifically interested in the category "Tutoring Service". After covid hit, many went online and closed their locations, but still service their specific geographic area via online tutoring.

You're probably thinking of this article

Generally the categories affected by this are ones with specialised equipment requirements (e.g. dentists, surgeons) or with words implying location ("library", "shop", "studio", "gym"). I'm fairly sure Tutoring Service is a safe case.

In case of doubt, you could do a quick test for something like that by using a SAB you already can access, since the edit can (usually) be reverted within minutes.

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