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Dec 9, 2014
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I have an eCommerce website setup on our local server, and it is connected to a software, meanwhile i have location pages, and a blog setup on wordpress on a different hosting. We were about to get a magento website on this new host, however that is not going to happen and for security issues, we do not want to install a wordpress on our local host. Want to keep the location and the blog wordpress website separate.
SEO Wise is this an issues? will there be issues linking from location pages to the eCommerce website? We did not have location pages so now we are setting up them on then /city/ is this okay? What about, i have send companies doing it. I believe this is the only choice i have fr now so what are the suggestions?
In most cases, the subdirectory is the preferred method; it's a highly effective solution. It's clean and easy to understand, and leaves no ambiguity as to which business this location page serves. It's easier to roll out and manage.

Subdomains can also serve you well (as you see on other sites), but they're a lot more work to implement and manage ongoing. You essentially create separate websites (Google may see them as related, but does not treat them as the same entity).

You mentioned ecommerce - the rule of thumb I've always used is the ecommerce site has to have the utmost security. I then recommend blogs or other supporting content pieces on subdomains. That way if someone does manage to hack into the blog, they don't automatically get access to the ecommerce store.

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