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Nov 8, 2012
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I have a attorney client that has his own practice and another with a group of attorneys and he wants to add a subdomain to his own practice for the other group. Does having the subdomain on that of a main site have any factors on local. They will have different names, addresses and phone numbers but the websites will be connected in that one is a subdomain of the other, has anyone had any experience with this and if so what were your results or does anyone have any reference to further reading on this topic.
Hi Grant,

Here is what Matt Cutts says about sub domains vs sub directories

Should I structure my site using subdomains or subdirectories? - YouTube

Are these 2 totally separate businesses?

Does the group of attorney's already have a website?

If the group does not have a website, i would buy a different domain and treat them as 2 separate businesses.

Why attach 2 different businesses to the same domain, when purchasing a new domain is only ten bucks a year?

I have used both techniques over the years and prefer to add a sub directory if i am adding a blog to a website.

I am currently involved with partners building a large content marketing website that will include thousands of separate businesses, each with their own micro blog.

We thought very hard about sub domains or sub directories knowing once we started there will be no turning back. We decided on sub directories. We just feel it will work better.

In my opinion, If he has 2 separate businesses, i would just buy another domain and build a separate website.
Thanks for the feedback Jeffrey. It is two separate businesses and I recommended they just do a new domain name but was curious as to if there was much affect on local by doing a subdomain.
Many times in local it's about what you have to do because the local business owner can't be convinced either way. The best thing to do would be to just get a new site as expressed by the above poster. If you absolutely have no choice because the owner is dead set on it, are you planning on attaching the subdomains to G+L listings? If not and you don't need a citation on each page for them, I would just put the NAP in an image. If you do need the space for a citation, I guess you'll just have to take the risk. Never heard of a case like that before.

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