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Jul 18, 2012
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I haven't done citations myself in a long time (usually outsource it) but for the past few clients I've decided to roll up my sleeves and tackle this nightmare myself just so I have a better understanding of what's involved.

"Back in the day" you could create a account and claim a listing via email and then edit it accordingly. Likewise, you could easily create a new listing.

Now when you go to and a business listing isn't claimed, there is a big blue button that says, "Claim This Business." When you click on it you're taken to a page with a telephone number to call. When you call the number, depending on the rep you talk to, you may or may not get your listing fixed but whatever happens you will not be able to claim it. The rep I talked to said only businesses paying for advertising with them can claim listings. I pointed out to her that it clearly says on their website that you can claim free listings. She said she didn't know anything about that but you can't create free accounts anymore at SuperPages and you can't claim free listings. You can only edit existing listings through ExpressUpdate (see below) or by calling them.

She went on to say the only way they can make edits to listings is if there is already an "account in their system." I asked her does that mean if there is a listing on their site they can make edits? She said not always. She said new listings may not have a account. In those cases they can't make edits to the listing but she said in most cases they can. It just depends. Confused yet? Because I certainly was.

She told me is fully populated now by ExpressUpdate. She said the easiest way to make edits to your listing is to go to ExpressUpdate and make your edits there. She also said if you want a new listing on SuperPages you have to do it through ExpressUpdate.

In my particularly case, I was hoping to claim our listing but I also needed the business address hidden so I asked her if that meant I had to do that at ExpressUpdate. At first she said yes. She said go to your ExpressUpdate listing and suppress the address there and then it will be hidden on (eventually). But then right after she told me that she "looked into her system" and she realized she could probably hide it directly from their system, which she did. She said the change should be reflected in 48 hours. I'm not holding my breath because my client also called SuperPages over a week ago to request to have the address hidden and they told him the same thing: "We have hidden the address for you. It will be reflected in 48 hours." Of course it never was hidden.

I also asked her about deleting listings on SuperPages. She said if you delete your ExpressUpdate listing then it will eventually "fall out of the SuperPages system." But she said sometimes they can delete them

It was the most confusing and convoluted conversation I've ever had. Has anyone else worked with SuperPages? Did I just get a clueless rep or are they just messed up like this all the time now? If this wasn't such an important citation source I'd just skip it but given its authority I guess I'll keep wrestling with them to get their system figured out.

Hey Travis,

Superpages stopped allowing listing claiming some time ago (at least a couple of years ago I believe). There are two ways to get listings added, updated, or removed for free:

1) Proactively, by contacting them.

The best way to do that in my experience has been the live chat option available during working hours when you go here: Contact Customer Service Sometimes it does depend on the rep you land on if you will get any meaningful help or not, but most of the times it works when you do it via live chat (as opposed to calling).

2) Passively, by submitting to ExpressUpdate (Infogroup).

As with many things local search ecosystem, when (and even - if) a listing will get added, updated (or much less likely - removed) is anyone's guess. The good news is that it is indeed very likely that Infogroup is their only source of business data right now. This means the chance that data coming from Infogroup would clash with other third-party data would be small or would not exist. Superpages have traditionally been getting data from Infogroup, Acxiom, and YP. However, Acxiom is going to be gone by the end of the year, and I haven't seen new YP-labeled data on Superpages for quite a while.

In your case, you might want to make sure that any data on Infogroup aligns with what you want displayed on that Superpages listing. It is possible that the reps have indeed done what they've said they've done, but incoming Infogroup data keeps overriding it.

I hope this helps!
@Nyagoslav - Thanks for the info! As you can see, it's been a while since I've tackled citations myself:) I have a new found appreciation for what you and your team have to do everyday!! I have bookmarked this thread for future reference. Thanks!

Dont waste your time with Superpages. I have been told many times there is nobody there to change the information. They basically take feeds from so many sources its crazy. Moz removed them as a directory and I know one of the big aggregators told me they have always been trouble. So I wouldnt go by anything they tell you. Unfortunately getting info corrected on it, is near impossible.
We just submitted NAP info for a client that's listed incorrectly in SuperPages to ExpressUpdate. They weren't listed at all in ExpressUpdate. I'll circle back around if the SuperPages NAP info is updated.

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