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Jun 28, 2012
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A Surefire Recipe To Getting The Links You Deserve
by Julie Joyce, Search Engine Land
March 31, 2015

A few months back, I was trying to figure out just how to replicate the Olive Garden’s insanely amazing salad dressing, and the first thing I did was look at a copycat recipes cookbook given to me by my mother. The second thing I did was wonder why, as a person who spends so much time online, I didn’t think to just look it up online.

When I did, I was quite surprised to learn that Olive Garden puts recipes for their products on their site. I decided to see if some other big chains did the same thing, so I chose one of the most popular chains in town, P.F. Chang’s, and took a look. No recipes. Interesting, right?

Why Should You Care?
Let’s look at the searches for recipes so you’ll see why this was such a clever move.

A search for “Olive Garden recipes” returns over 6 million results, and guess who’s number one? That’s right: Olive Garden.


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