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Jan 20, 2020
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Hello! My agency has a GBP profile with my home address and it is set up as a SAAB.

I recently created a Google Ads account, linked it, went through advertiser verification, now it has been suspended.

At first perhaps I thought it was the business name as I verified my business in Ads with my incorporation name and my GBP had my “doing business as” name. I updated that to reflect my incorporation name… got rejected.

Then I thought perhaps it was because I had my service area set to all of Ontario. I reduced that to be “within 2h driving distance”… got rejected.

Reached out to Twitter/X support… got rejected.

What should I do next? This is actually my first time dealing with a suspended listing so good thing it’s my own lol!!
Review the guidelines again to make sure you are not missing anything (such as service areas over 2 hours from your location), and if everything is in order, try the Google Business Profile Forum to get help from a product expert.

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