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Jun 28, 2012
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Over the past week or so there has been a big increase in suspended listings. I've been helping several consulting clients, folks here in our help forum, as well as consultants in the private Local Pros forum.
And have been seeing quite a few cases come into the Google forum. (Like the one below.)

Many of the listings I've seen appear to be violation-free and I suspected there was something wrong that triggered some false positives - like a glitch or a spam filter that got cranked too high.

In the past the advice including in the Google help docs, was basically delete and start over.
And most TCs at the G forum say suspended means the account is dead.

Joel Headley posted about the problem at the Google forum and if you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN your listing is clean and violation-free I think there may be hope.

Account Suspended on a long-verified listing (Bold/red by me)

As far as I can tell, you didn't do anything wrong. Instead, for your case, it looks like it was an automated process gone awry. We're looking into that general problem to see what fix can be made.

If anyone wants their account fixed after seeing the message below, please email our support team though the Google Places for Business Help Center and we'll look into it.

So it does look like there was something that caused 'some' listings to be incorrectly suspended.

HOWEVER, I've helped people that tried the troubleshooter and they got the same email John did in this thread. (Although in that particular case it was a locksmith and there were violations.)

Thank you for requesting a review of your rejected listing(s).

Unfortunately, this process is no longer supported.
You may create a new listing that adheres to our guidelines in order to show up on Maps

If your listing shows as pending, please check on Maps to see if it is live. In that case please be patient as we are currently overhauling the reconsideration process. Please also have a look in the Help Center at Listing is marked as 'Needs Action' - Places for business Help for
further updates.

Additionally Joel said to email support but there is no troubleshooter option for 'suspended' listings.
So I emailed Joel to ask how folks should report to get support to re-evaluate the listing.

He told me, even if the listing is live use troubleshooter - tick the last box that says:
"My listing no longer appears on Google Maps or is incorrectly marked as closed."

Then he said to leave a comment that the listing is suspended and they'll look into it. But there is no comment form at the end of that path. It does ask for the address (because again that form is for missing listings) so I guess you can add a comment there.

But I stress again, before doing that step make ABSOLUTELY certain you don't have any violations. If you aren't sure post in the help forum and I can check the listing for you. The last thing you want is Google support using a magnifying glass on the listing, if in fact you were in the wrong and had violations.

So if you feel you were wrongly suspended, try the options above. I've seen/heard of a few suspensions this week that were reversed, so there is hope.
So, should you tick that box that says, He told me, even if the listing is live use troubleshooter - tick the last box that says:
"My listing no longer appears on Google Maps or is incorrectly marked as closed."

Even if they still appear in the google maps? I am a little bit worried about doing this.
I am still in the maps, they are still ranking and you can still see all of the pics and images.

I know you are busy so no rush....i just wanted to be sure about any of this before......moving forward! thanks for the post!
Marie, even though live and ranking I believe that's very temporary.

Just checked the suspended listing I've been helping you with in the private forum. And it fits the pattern I've been seeing.

It looks like it's become unverified so is no longer controlled by your dashboard, even tho it has images those will disappear soon. You have a description in dash right? It's gone on live. That's the 1st sign. Then click manage NOT signed into their account. It does not appear claimed with that test either.
(Goes to add/choice instead of phone lookup).

PLUS the edits I had you make never showed on live listing. It's still showing address and all those cats.

So basically dash is dead. Listing is disconnected and unverified, the images just have not dropped off yet. (At least that's the pattern I'm seeing on these.)

Do me a favor and check this... From dash click view listing. I bet money it goes to the do not support error. (Let us know for sure.)

So anyway, the pattern I see is once it becomes disconnected from dash and unverified like that - it loses description, then images, then soon will just drop off and disappear.

SO YES, I asked Joel and he said, even if the listing is still live, click "the listing is missing" bubble and in comment box for address indicate it's suspended. In your case, to be sure they look at dash in addition to live I would stress, your address is hidden in dash and you deleted some repetitious cats.

But Mike just emailed Joel that a client of his that did it, still got the bogus email above which I think Google is trying to find and fix/change.

OR if you like since they are still live and ranking you can wait til they disappear, then report. Maybe by then Google will have this re-inclusion process worked out a little better or it's possible maybe even figure out and correct the problem that caused the incorrect suspensions. BUT in your clients case there were some violations so even if by chance they roll back some suspensions, this one possibly would not be.

PLEASE keep us posted on progress.
Hi Linda,
I did a quick look and the account is still suspended. And I don't even have the option to View the listing at all. The only thing live is to hit the edit button. The view button is gone. Both listings in the account now just say pending. and it still read account suspended.
Ya if view button is gone then it's dead.

Both listings??? (Sorry I'm looking at so many problems right now the indiv details are a mush in my head and I don't have time to go re-read the long private forum thread.)

Remind me what deal is with 2 listings in dash? Do they have 2 VALID locations? Because with SABs that does not fly esp if home based and could be part of a valid reason for suspension.
Yes, two listings. Different addresses, different phone numbers and in different states., two different websites. But the same company name.
Oh that's right, it's a weird one with 2 different states, if I remember, pretty far apart. That should be fine. It's just a lot of SABs try to set up listing in different nearby towns at either fake locations or employee or family member homes and of course is not allowed.
I need to start billing Google for all the free consulting I'm giving out to try to help fix their problems!!! :mad:

It's becoming a full-time unpaid Google support job & taking away from clients who are paying for my help.
Meant to mention earlier but didn't have time. Cathy the woman in the G forum thread that Joel was helping, said she got her listing reinstated yesterday.

I'm heading to the G forum now to see if any other related threads.

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