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Nov 8, 2018
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Hi there,

One of our clients in California, which already has over 100 listings, is trying to add new ones to his GMB account.
For some reason, every new listing that we add gets one of two things: it's either suspended immediately, or the Google postcards never arrive (we obviously sent more than one).
These are all legitimate addresses. True, some are for shared businesses, but they do not violate any guideline.
It should also be noted that it's in the finance industry (loans), so the category might have something to do with that. Still, it's like Google made it nearly impossible to get new listings.
Did anyone else encounter this phenomenon lately?

The number of suspensions in spammy industries (loans would be included) has risen a ton in the last couple months.
The number of suspensions in spammy industries (loans would be included) has risen a ton in the last couple months.
Did it rise to the level where listings get suspended automatically, even before the code arrives? That's really harsh. Any thoughts on how to deal with it?
Not trying to be argumentative or provocative here but why would any business need that many GMB listings?
Those are walk-in businesses, and people are looking for a nearby location. It's also an industry with fierce local competition, so having a wide distribution of listings sure doesn't hurt.
If listings are getting suspended automatically that's definitely not a good sign. What is Google saying when you file for reinstatement? Are they getting reinstated?
We didn't file for reinstatement yet. It was so surprising to see listings getting suspended even before the code was sent, that we wanted to see if anyone else encountered those harsh restrictions.
Let us know what you end up hearing from Google about the reinstatement. I know in certain industries, things are way more likely to get auto-suspended. Loans would definitely be one of the spammier ones.
Our florists' listings have been getting suspended about 25% of the time without any clear reason when we complete a Change of Ownership to claim the listing or when we verify a brand-new listing. GMB Support usually goes ahead and re-opens the listings after we contact them without any hassle, so it appears to be not intentional on their end with the listings incorrectly being suspended.

Yours may be a similar issue? I've only had a couple of occasions where the listing was suspended before the verification was complete so I assumed they were one-off glitches but perhaps not.

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