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Jun 28, 2012
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I know you all read Mike's blog already but I wanted to be sure none of you misses this great survey/article, on a busy post Holiday catch-up Monday.

This post is awesome on SO many levels! Great humor, very entertaining, but more than anything right on! There are lots of valuable tips you need to share with clients that are stressing over missing or blocked reviews. (When I get time later today I'm going to drop a link to it in a few choice threads over at the Google Business forum.)

Now the challenge... how do I pick just a couple of the best snippets from this post.
There are soooo many good ones...

9 Questions To Assess Your Review Management Stress Levels

If you scored between 7-9: ? Dude! Take a chill pill. You are driving your customers AND the review sites crazy. And worse you are driving yourself and your staff crazy. You are putting way to much emphasis on a single review site and expecting way too much from the process. This path is doomed to failure with your employees, the review sites, the search engines and most importantly your customers.

Each question reflects a possible negative outcome of a review program if you answered yes. Each offers you an opportunity to refine your review process to help your organization project itself positively into the local ecosystem both online and off. More importantly the questions should lead to reflection that can improve your mental health. And if you can get into the spirit of it, less stress.

Head over to Mike's, read the whole thing and read the comments too.

Mike's post will hold a special place in a big piece I'm working on to be released in December.

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