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Jan 29, 2016
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Hi LSF members, a question: If a company has one primary business location and one much smaller office in another city, would you use geo-target the primary location with the homepage and have a separate landing page for the small office. Or would you still create 2 separate geo-pages?

Hi Blaine,

Home usually has the most ranking power so I would use it for the main location.

But for the benefit of the customers be sure to have a link to the other page.
"We also have an office in XYZ to serve you.
We did some URL testing after seeing this post. The results weren't 100% across the board, however, most sites did see a lift in rankings.
I would target the main location on all pages of the site except the location page for the other office. I'll pretend it's an insurance office, here are the keywords I'd target.

Home Page: Insurance Toronto
Location Page (Toronto) - Insurance Agent Toronto
Location Page (suburb) - Insurance Richmond Hill
Auto Insurance Page - Auto Insurance Toronto
Home Insurance Page - Home Insurance Toronto


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