Aug 7, 2013
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Just started using this free service. You add your website link, hit start, and within a couple hours you receive a 5 minute video (with sound) from a random person navigating your site. The site is in Beta right now and you are limited to 3 submissions a month.

[h=1]Get a peek into your site's usability.[/h][h=2]See and hear a 5-minute video of a real person using your site.
It's super fast* and totally free.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Whoa, great find Justin and great service! I missed this with all my SoCal fire drama.

User testing is expensive! So this is a super cool service!

For small businesses the best user test is to get your Grandma who is not that technical to try to nav your site. Watch over shoulder and ask her to talk outloud as she pretends she knows nothing about your biz and tries to figure out what your business does, where you are located, your phone, how to order, etc. Then have a couple friends do it that are in your target demo if possible too.
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