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Jul 3, 2012
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If you’re a business owner who needs more local visibility, you want to make sure the person helping you has all he/she needs to deliver the goods. Or, if you’re a local-SEO pro, you want to make sure you have all you need to deliver the goods. The questionnaire I send to potential clients helps [...]

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What do you guys think???

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Great list of questions Phil!

And I love that saying in this situation. Measure twice, cut once. Sage advice.
I bookmarked this. I feel like I will definitely use this (or something similar) in the near future. Thanks for the great post Phil!
Any time, Eric. Thanks for your compliments!
Great Questionnaire. The questions that were included about the clients past history are very valuable. Knowing past phone numbers/addresses makes it so much easier down the road if you run into trouble with incorrect listings and dupes.

Definitely worth taking your time to get all this information at first to help you with issues down the line! Thanks !

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