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Feb 2, 2023
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My website homepage ranks for queries such as "LG appliance repair orange county", "Samsung appliance repair" etc at 7-10th place.

In order to get higher rankings, I created dedicated pages for appliance brands. All h1-h6, meta description etc in place. But these pages do not rank at all. They are indexed, they have unique content, and yet trackers show them behind 100th place in search results.

So the homepage still outranks them, despite having less value for the customer brand-wise.
What might be an issue?
Did you add these pages to the main navigation? Are they linked to from the Homepage within the body content or with service/product button? If not that should help.

They have unique content, but does that content provide additional value beyond what the other 100+ results ahead of them provide? Google is looking to provide helpful content to their users, so try answering questions on these pages users may have about the products that the other pages do no answer. Or if they do answer those questions, answer them better! Elevate your content to be more helpful than your competitors. This is a great resource to help you do that Google Provides Signs That You're Writing Unhelpful Content

Try adding visual content too, unique images *(not stock, avoid stock at all costs), infographics and videos are gold. I talk about that in this article I wrote on helpful content How To Make Local Service Pages More Helpful (And Less Mundane) - Sterling Sky Inc

Also, try to get some external links pointing to them as well. That's one of the best signals to Google the page is worthy of ranking, when other quality websites want to link to them. (and no, i do not mean go buy links! earn real quality links, this course can help How to Master Local Link Building

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