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Sep 24, 2012
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I'm working with a client who has been trying to verify their listing for sometime now, sadly their branch either loses or never receives the post card. We went in today to request the PIN again and are now getting a message that says, "The information provided isn't eligible for verification. More info can be found under Google Places Help ." Worse yet, if we click the link to report difficulties with a listing we are taken to this page, but if we try and submit anything it gives us an error that reads, "We couldn't submit your form yet. Please fix the fields above." and does not highlight any additional fields.


Has anyone else run into this problem, and if so had did they go about fixing it?

I'm not sure I'm following Mike, but I've seen that message in the Google forum, so you aren't the only one. Have only seen it in post titles have not dealt with it 1st hand or read any posts.

Could search there to see if any answers/hints.

OR report there if you think it's something buggy.

OR call support for help.

Those are the best options I can think of.

But thanks for bringing it up here in case others are dealing with it too. Share with us what you find out.
Thanks Linda. Will do. In the end 5 of the 7 listings we have had trouble getting verified/claimed are now giving us this message and every single time I click through to try and report the issue it won't allow me to submit. Contacted support, so hopefully they'll have some answers. I'll be sure to share what I find out if/when they respond.
In the past Mike, I think I heard there was sort of a "3 strikes you're out rule" when trying to verify listings.

So in future if after 2nd attempt you can't get it done, I'd use Phone support OR the verification troubleshooter.

You said "Contacted support, so hopefully they'll have some answers."

I'm curious how you contacted? Because if you used phone support you would have already had an immediate answer. Did you just use the troubleshooter instead??? Could take 2 weeks to get a reply that way.

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