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Jun 28, 2012
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Joy Hawkins, from Imprezzio Marketing, who is one of our top members, just shared a link to her blog post in reply to a thread trying to help another member here at the forum. I thought it had some good tips so wanted to share.

<a href="">A Way to Avoid the Google + Local Review Spam Filter?</a>

There has been a lot of talk lately about the issue that businesses are facing on Google + Local with reviews. Business owners are enraged and are threatening lawsuits against Google and are starting to compare their platform to the review filter that has been commonly hated at Yelp.

We decided to try and test a few things for business owners we work with to see if there are any ways they can still solicit reviews and not have to worry that their hard-earned reviews will disappear a week or day later.

Read the rest
, then come back to brainstorm.

Have you tried any of these tips?
Do you think they would help?
Thanks Linda! I'm adding a 4th theory that people brought up in comments on Mike's blog.

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