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Sep 27, 2012
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I'm working with a client who has several businesses, all closely related. They do not want people searching for their one business to arrive a the location of their other businesses. Therefore, they chose an address at a UPS store, which uses suite #'s. Unbeknownst to them, there is another business in the same UPS store that is offering the exact same services.

I have not experienced any problems with listings inside of UPS stores. I have also not come across 2 of the same businesses in a UPS store. They are adamant about not having their businesses mixed up and are afraid of listing their 2 different businesses at the same address.

My thought was to use the existing office address but hide the address. I can also opt to hide the UPS store address as I'm really not a fan of them.

What do you recommend?
Hi Luke,

UPS stores are a big no-no. Strong chance it gets nuked I'd say. There are mappers that will go through every listing at a UPS and just delete them all. Also competitors can get you suspended.

What industries? Often in these cases Google would not support 2 listings anyway, but it really depends.
This was a situation where I became involved too late. I cringed when I heard they went ahead with a UPS store address.

They are in the real estate and flipping market. They are looking to improve upon their flipping business but they don't want people turned off at the fact that they do real estate, hence they don't want to use the real estate business address.
Thanks for the details Luke.

Yes, pretty sure Google would see that as a single business with 2 different services, so I think they should only have one listing.

Plus I don't think there is a category for house flipping AND from what I see with a quick check those KWs don't pull a pack. So they are better off just focusing on organic for that part of the business I would think.
Thank you Linda. Their business information is a mess on multiple sites, including GMB. I was going to do a quick fix of the citations and do as you mentioned, focus on organic and some paid platforms. They do have a mix of addresses showing for their "flipping" business, one of which includes their home, which they certainly don't want.

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