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Apr 14, 2016
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I helped run a training day last week and a comment came up that if you ask your customers for Google reviews (from their own homes not the same IP address) and too many good ones were submitted, Google saw them as spam and wouldn't publish them. Apparently they would publish all the negative reviews though!

Has any member experience of this, or could offer their thoughts?

Thank you in advance!
That's a little bit of a specialized situation, but I actually have a friend with a similar thing going. He's been doing paid workshops maybe once a month for two dozen people in different cities, and then asking them all to leave a review afterwards. It's a smaller number of people, but he's been getting 4 or 5 all at once each time. He's had a few here and there get filtered out, but on the whole it's been working fine.

It's true that too many reviews going up at once can potentially hit a filter, but how many are we talking here? My guess is, you might lose a few, but it won't be that big of a deal.
I haven't seen any recent cases where volume of reviews seems to be a reason for the filter to hit. There are tons of businesses with crazy amounts of reviews that are just fine.

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