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Jul 25, 2012
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My client is just getting started but already had a Google business page he'd claimed. A review for a completely different company (Beacon Plumbing) got written on his profile and I asked Google to remove it through the "suggest changed to Hunt's Plumbing and Mechanical" page from their listing. After a few days, nothing had happened and I remembered the troubleshooting page that can get you a direct line to a person in Google, so I submitted the same request. "Nick" from Google said the review had been removed. The next day, I got an auto-reply from Google that said this:
"Hi Jason Hunt,

Thanks again for sharing your local expertise with other Google users! We have reviewed Beacon Plumbing and Mechanical because of your report.

If there is still anything wrong in our information about Beacon Plumbing and Mechanical on Google Maps (<wbr>lace?cid=8235529230005166908), please consider updating it directly via the "edit" link, or reporting another problem.

Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team"

Based on that message and the lack of a public places page, Google now seems to think that my client, Hunt's Plumbing and Mechanical, is Beacon Plumbing and Mechanical and the link to the page leads you only to a page that says "We currently do not support the location". What happened and how can I get this resolved?!

Correct NAP info on his Google places dashboard in the attached photo. This is a home address that I've made sure to hide, so I'm pretty sure the address isn't the issue.

Google Places Screenshot.jpg
Looks like your client's listing was removed. I'm thinking that it's possible that instead of just the other company's review was on your listing, the 2 may have been partially merged. But not sure, that's just one option.

I'd reply back to Nick since that will get you direct to support instead of starting over in the troubleshooter Q. Explain what happened but make it sound more related to the problem he helped you with. Say I asked you to remove a review and now the whole listing is gone and I'm getting the do not support error. BE SURE to stress you had the address hidden so it should not have been removed.

From now on for the most part I would not recommend reporting problems ON the page itself or via maps report a problem. When you do that, it's one way communication AND they often get it wrong!

From now on use the Troubleshooter for everything so you have 2 way comm with a live support person instead of only getting an auto-responder.

Hope you get it worked out. Keep us posted.
I sent an email to Nick 8 days ago saying this:
"Hi Nick,

I'm not sure what happened here. I requested a review for a different business be removed from my Google Local page and instead, my listing is now not showing up! Also, in the email from Google (copied below), I'm being referred to as Beacon Plumbing (NOT ME) and told my location is currently not being supported when I click this link:<wbr>place?cid=8235529230005166908.

Please help!"

Should I email again and mention the hidden address thing?
If you already emailed him and got no reply after 8 days I would.

You replied to Nick's email directly without changing his original subject line, correct?

Maybe say something like: I know lots of plumber listings are getting the do not support message and were removed due to not hiding their address. But the address on this listing was hidden, so is in compliance with guidelines. Can you please help me restore this listing or help me figure out what happened and how to fix?

Not trying to put words in your mouth and you know this particular situation better than I, just giving you ideas of what you may want to say.

Q - do you know his CID#? Do you have a copy of it in your records anywhere? That can help with troubleshooting and if you know it I may be able to find something out for you.
I checked their site because if the map was properly embedded on their contact us page, I'd be able to get the CID from there. But the map's not right so no CID. :(

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