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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi researching tools to find duplicate listings in 2018.

I came across: Google My Business Page Finder - Michael Cottam

Which was recommended here previously, but i tried it and i don't believe it's no longer working. Well it didn't find duplicate listings of the my listing which i found manually.

Anyway are there any other tools in the market?

Or effective processes on how to do this manually.

Don't care about price.

Yes that tool of Michael's is pretty old. Google changes so much not many free tools keep up with her.

I thought Joy had written about it lately but I searched and searched and did not find anything. She has a good one recently on what to do with each type of dupe once you find it - but not HOW to find it.

I'm sure Joy or Colan will see this later and drop some good tips.
Hey Linda,

I haven't published an article on it recently because I put 7 pages on it in my training (a little to long to paste on the forum). I generally use a combination of 4 different methods depending on the business type but if I had to choose one that I use the most, it's probably using the Local Finder to search for the business name + city.
Hi Joy,

Thanks for the response.

When you say: Local Finder are you referring to google maps or a tool?


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