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Jun 28, 2012
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OK so I really had a hard time with this title, but then again the actual title of this article/interview/survey below does not really sum up the essence of the piece well either.

I was emailed recently by Adam Steele, a member of a Local Mastermind Group I'm involved in, and he asked me to participate in a group article/interview called "Do You Have Entrepreneur's Guilt?" Well I was helping with my daughter's surgery recovery AND have been sick AND the Holidays were hectic AND to be honest (sorry Adam) didn't really get the relevance of the topic, so I passed.

Some top local search experts however did take the time to respond, including:
Mike Blumenthal, Alex Fusman, Mary Bowling, Darren Shaw, Matthew Hunt and Mike Ramsey.

Adam asks the group questions about something he terms "entrepreneur's guilt", then asks questions like: Do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? Do you make time for yourself? How often? With your free time, what do you do? Do you have any work/life balance tips that you can provide? Or is balance a myth?

I thought this was a great post to kick off the New Year. Because most local pros I know are workaholics and this post gets into some great insight from leaders in the field about work/life balance, making time to stay healthy and taking time for family.

Do You Have Entrepreneur's Guilt?

Why is no one talking about entrepreneur’s guilt? Is it possible people just don’t have a name for it? Perhaps they call it poor work/life balance or being a work-a-holic? For me, neither of those entirely fit the bill. In the aforementioned article, Mary Hirshberg says: “it’s never a solo venture, it always involves a family.” This resonated BIGTIME with me.

I decided to go beyond asking friends and family. I shot out some formal questions to a number of entrepreneurs with significant others, children, etc. that I know. Some of the responses blew me away. So much so I had to make an executive decision not to include some responses in this piece. I will say however, that many were filled with stories of marital dispute, divorce and worse.

I purposely did not define “entrepreneur’s guilt”. I want each contributor to define it for themselves. I want you to define it for yourself. Beyond this, I wanted to find out how they cope. Are they able to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Balance?

I could not really relate when Adam asked me to participate in a discussion about "entrepreneur’s guilt". Too busy and distracted at the time. But now that I see what the post was really about I realize it would have been good for me to participate because I am the ultimate workaholic and am always struggling with work/life balance. (Ask our forum Admin, Dr. David :p who is often telling me I need to take time off to de-stress!)

So what about you?
Can you relate to any of the struggles, tips or insights that were shared?
Making time to exercise is something I always struggle with.

When I do it, it helps with my back pain, increases energy, improves my mood. I even have a big list in red stuck RIGHT TO THE SIDE OF MY MONITOR to help me remember all the positive benefits. On top of that I even for a long time had a timer go off to remind me to exercise. In spite of all that I don't usually take the time.

I kind of like Mary's idea. Do it as soon as you wake up before work gets in the way.

How do you guys make time to exercise? I need help! :eek:
OK so starting New Year off right...

I just forced myself to do something that DID work for quite awhile until I got out of the habit.

Exercise after my 1st cup of coffee. So have my 1st cup, check forum, check feedreader, try to get a quick post out, peek at email.

BUT THEN, before I allow myself that 2nd cup of coffee I have to stop and do some quick exercises. I made up the coolest, quick full body workout routine that I do using my office doorway. Let's see if I can stick to this routine in the new year.
Excellent Linda! Improvisation and creativity is what exercise is all about, just have fun with it.

For me it's all about eating healthy, real food all day. Sleeping at least 7 hours, and exercising when I can (in that order of importance).

I find if I have a hold on all 3 of those factors, I feel great.

If I'm lacking in one of the 3 areas, I do my best to turn up the dial on one of the other areas.
I struggle with making the time to exercise too. I treated myself for the new year and bought a fitdesk to bike while I work. I'm only on day three but so far so good!

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