Sep 5, 2016
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Hello Everyone

Was wondering if you could help.

A new client is joining my agency over the next few weeks in the new year so this entails taking control of the 25 GMB locations and making relevant edits to them , ie changing the url to the new sites we have built ect.

So far the current agency is only giving us comms level access to these locations , my feeling is they are trying to keep the client in there agency dashboard on the down low however I may be over thinking it.

This is the only reason I can think of that they are not giving my agency full ownership access now even tho they are fully aware they are losing the client and it is coming over to us. The old agency is also not including the client in correspondence about transferring the GMB accounts.

What should I do if the other agency has set up the locations with both a personal and an agency level account ?

As they are not going to give me access to there whole agency dashboard but I only need access to the given location group/business account and I know the organisation ID already

However on this page it says you can't move locations between two agency accounts

I feel my next step should be to gain access to the personal account with ownership access of the locations

What does everyone else feel ?


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Jul 18, 2012
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If the site manager (new name for communications manager role) doesn't have a high enough access level for you to do what the client hired you for, I'd suggest reaching out to the client and telling them you need a higher level of access and specifically saying what level you need (manager, owner etc).

We do just fine with manager access here now that we have the agency dashboard. Previously we had to have ownership so I could add employees but that got solved with the agency dashboard.

I make a habit of avoiding pissing matches with other SEO companies that my clients have decided to have assist with things. I know more cooks in the kitchen often doesn't accomplish anything but I think clients get really turned off when 2 different agencies start finger pointing at each other. I just do what they hired me for and if the other agency raises a fuss about anything it just makes them look bad.

I wouldn't worry about what type of access they have unless they're changing things that are messing up what you're doing for the client.
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