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Jul 22, 2013
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Okay this just looks so wrong to me.
One seven pack, two addresses, three clinics.

2015-04-01_13-47-14.png - Margarets_Files's library

Positions 1 & 3 - same address & phone
Positions 1 & 7 - same URL (he's really the same URL, they just didn't tie his doctor page to the practice website)
Positions 4, 5, 6 - same address, phone, URL

2 is the only "non-duplicated" practice.

Rethinking practice over practitioner approach.
Weird Margaret, that's the 1st time I've seen a pack like that. Once in a blue moon I see 2 from the same office. But never anything like this.
Nice find, Margaret.

The fact that Evergreen CO is a tiny town (nay, a "census-designated place" has a lot to do with the homogenous results. Google can't be as picky.
Ah, so that's the key then? Population density? Good to know. Thanks Phil!

Population is one factor of many, yes. But it also depends on how many other doctors there are in town. In a small pond all fish are big.
Okay, so it's not just population then. Whew!

Looking at other cities in the US with similar situations, none are anywhere near as bad as this one - most have 3 packs. To me, a 3 pack makes more sense than all these from basically 3 practices.

Wondering if this G doing a lousy job with the pack or is a loop-hole being exploited? And I'm thinking it's the second.

Doing the same search for Rocklin CA, a clear case of listing both the practice and the practitioner in a 3 pack. #1 and #2. Seminole FL does same with a 7 pack.

Sitka AK has 7 pack, shows 5 doctors from the same place, all same address, phone, URL.

It is more than population because I don't get these bad listings in every place I look at with similar populations. But that size population is certainly highlighting "poopy-packs"

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