Dec 16, 2018
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I have a veterinarian client, and I'm really amazed now I have a Local Viking sub and can run some reports reasonably regularly to see how Google is throwing up some INSANE results for search terms which clearly all have equal search intent.

Specifically, client is dominating #1 in map packs across basically their whole service area for "veterinarian". So far so good. This is the keyword we've really been targeting.

But the results for "veterinarians" see them #1 in only the 3 most proximate points in Local Viking results.

And the results for "vet" and "vets" are MENTAL, they are #1 only in areas with minimal population nowhere near the clinic and they are #3 and 4 respectively at their own actual location. I've done some on site stuff to get all these keywords in the content at a suitable density, but it doesn't seem to have shifted the dial.

So basically has anyone got any pointers as to my next best tactics to rank better for these other same intent searches? This isn't something I really see addressed, where most of the GMB advise out there doesn't tend to be focussed on ranking for individual keywords, and I'm racking my brians to come up with a tactic to specifically shift the dial for terms so close to terms we're actually doing really well with.
www.clydevet.com.au is the client. Clyde Veterinary Hospital in Clyde North, 3978, Australia. Good review volume and rating relative to the competition, etc.

I really appreciate any toughts the community may have here.


Feb 23, 2020
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It's late here so I've only had time to take a quick look, but I did notice, at least with the "vet" and "vets" queries, that you're up against several listings that have that exact term in their name.

Vets in Cranbourne, Officer Vet, Narre Warren South Vet Clinic, Lynbrook Vet, and so on.


Rightly or wrongly, keywords in GMB titles make a big difference these days. Before focusing on these keywords, do you have an idea of the traffic volume from them?

Hopefully one of the experts around here like @Phil Rozek have some ideas on strategies that could help.

Phil Rozek

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Jul 26, 2012
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@RattlingTram, my understanding of the question is you're not sure why your client doesn't rank nearly as well for "veterinarians" as for other, similar terms.

If that's the case, a two-part reply:

1. On one level it's tough to provide feedback because basically all of my blog posts are about specific next steps I suggest.

2. But just to be a little more bespoke to the "veterinarians" questions, here are some gaps I notice in your client's armor:
  • Homepage title tag: doesn't include "veterinarians"
  • No "bio" page for each veterinarian
  • No main "Our Veterinarians" page that houses aforementioned "bio" pages
  • The title tags of specific "animal' or "service" pages don't include that phrase. So in "Birds" page title tag, for instance, you'll probably want to include "Bird Veterinarians Near You."
  • I'd urge clients to go into detail in their reviews, so you might get more detail and crunchy phrases in there
Is there always more you can do? Of course. But those quick changes may just do the trick.

By the way, you'll probably want to check the "Performance" area of Search Console to see how many impressions you get for the terms you're weaker on, and then see if Anonymous Ad Preview Tool corroborates that. It's possible your client is more visible than Local Viking indicates.
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