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Nov 5, 2018
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Hi! We're unable to answer FAQs as owner of the GMB listing. Do you know how to solve this?
Check this forum thread:

it may be related to your issue.
Yes, we are still pending a solution... We are still not able to post as an owner. Every 2/3 weeks I send an email to support to get an update. They are working on it, is the only feedback we get.
If you're under an account that doesn't have tons of listings, it appears to work. So if I try to reply using my agency account, it shows my name. If I try to reply under an account that only has 1 listing in it, it works just fine. Screenshots below.

This is an issue that has been going on for quite a while and everytime I bring it up to Google, I don't get an ETA on when it will be fixed. I don't think it's high on their priority list, unfortunately.


Hello everyone,

Has anyone heard back from Google?
We have been contacting them every 2 weeks and nothing has been resolved.

Thank you and Happy New Year!
Last update we got from them was before Christmas and the issue was still outstanding. They are definitely not prioritizing this.
Hi everyone! I thought y'all might find this update helpful.

Like Joy said earlier, you can add FAQs however I found that it can be done with a profile that has many locations.

Having said that, it doesn't work for every single gmail login that we own. Right now, it only works with my company gmail account. My company gmail account has at least 80+ locations.

This is how I updated their FAQ section.
  1. Log into your Gmail account with the business listing.
  2. Google said business name.
  3. Click on the customers tab in the SERP.
  4. Click Q&A
  5. Click ask a question
  6. Then you'll get this prompt.
Like I said earlier, I can only do this on my personal company gmail account. I can't do it with our account for all the clients.
Thank you for the reply Joy and Lance!

We will try to do what you suggest Lance and continue to reach out to Google regarding this issue.

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