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Nov 30, 2012
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I've been reading up on this issue for a while, but I'm still having problems fixing the issue of not being able to respond to a review on one of my listings!

I've tried poking the listing with a null submit (to show Google that I am still the owner of it). It's been 2 months now and that trick still hasn't worked.

The client has no idea if there is an alternate Gmail account that could also own the listings, so that isn't a viable solution for this account.

Recently, the "We currently do not support this listing" bug has now appeared on ALL of the listings in the dashboard (this client has 17 locations) which was not an issue prior to Google's last update. The listings are still live in maps.

Any suggestions for what to try next?

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Hi Melissa, I thought about posting about this issue this AM.

In addition to the normal scenario where the listing is dual claimed and it results in this problem...
there is evidently a new bugaroo. I've seen Jade a couple times in the past week say she would report it or needs engineers to look into it.

So in your case, since it's a big client - seems it could be a case of someone else having the listing/s. OR could be this new bug.

Let me go try to find some posts about it at the Google forum for you to look at to see if anything gives you any clues.

Hang on, be right back...
Here we go....
Jade on 3/7 said: "For the first page you linked, there are multiple active verified owners, so the biz owner should work that out with collagues.

For the second page you linked, this seems to be a rising issue of late -- we're looking into it."
Jade on 3/7 said: "@Calusa Vet Center, thanks for the update and for letting us know that owner responses still aren't working for you. We've let the team know."

Jim said: "A work-around that has worked in a couple of recent cases is to login to your Adwords account. After doing so the respond links have reappeared."

There are a couple other tips so read both threads.

Last I heard on 3/7 there was no ETA for a fix and there have not been many other reports I don't think. So if you'd like maybe post a new thread with links to your listings that are having the problem. Then let me know the link to your G forum thread and I'll escalate to Jade.
Just to follow up on this thread, I found 2 Adwords express ads that weren't created by us which leads me to believe that there is another Gmail account out there that owns the listings.

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