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Oct 22, 2015
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Hi ladies and gents,
My brother in law just grabbed a small office for his new business he will be opening. I was trying to help him with his GMB setup.

I noticed when I searched his address an unclaimed business listing(not for his business) pops up for his address.

Would creating and verifying a page for his own business replace the unclaimed listing? Or will this prevent him from being able to verify it?
Hi Mike, no to both questions. But just to make sure I understand, tell me what you mean by "replace". Care to share the business details?

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Yes Colan is right that will not be a problem for your brother-in-law’s business. There are many businesses sharing the same address but still they have verified GMB pages. As long as it is a different business with different phone #.

If the old business that appears when you search for that address on Google does not really exist, you can report it to Google Support.
Does the unverified one that shows up use the same suite number?

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