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Apr 21, 2020
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Hello all,

I encountered a merge of two listings that I manage (lets call them Location A & B)- both of which had unique business names, suited addresses, unique phone numbers, different primary categories, URLs, etc, and I'm trying to determine why it happened and how it can be reversed.

What Google did was merge Location A into Location B. I know it is not a case of losing access to Location A because the 'View Original' link inside Location A's dashboard links to Location B. Also, Location A's cid redirects to Location B in SERPs.

With all of the fields in GMB being unique, why did Google suddenly merge the listings after both of them existed for several years? It just doesn't make sense provided there is so much egregious map spam out there and this is a totally legitimate business setup.

I attempted to reach out to GMB Support via Twitter, but an automated responses came back saying that their support channel is temporarily unavailable due to the pandemic. Is this something they would be able to reverse if they were available?

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 27, 2017
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Is Location A still listed in your dashboard? Does it show as being marked as duplicate? From my experience, once a listing has been marked as a duplicate you can’t get Google to switch or reverse it. I am curious what caused them to take take action in the two listings and connect them to each other. Without knowing the business details, it’s hard to troubleshoot it.

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