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Sep 16, 2018
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A clients GBP was suspended on 6/1. We had not made any changes to it lately except to reject some suggestions services Google was trying to add. (services that didn't make sense) There are no apparent violations of Google policy in the listing.

Here's what I've done so far:
  • I immediately filled a reinstatement request for review. Case ID 1-6273000032908. I see this is 'in progress', but I have not received an further communication from Google about it.
  • I posted in the GBP Community Help forum. I got a response with things to try, but it was pretty much what I had already done. Google Business Profile Suspended - Can't find a valid reason - Google Business Profile Community
  • I made one change to the profile just in case it flagged the algorithm. About a year ago the profile name was updated to be as shown in their logo and on all of their signage. The legal name however is shorter. I returned to the shortened name to see if that makes a difference.
In the meantime, another OLD listing for this business at a previous address has started appearing in SERPS. I've tried repeatedly to get that listing merged/removed. I tried Joy's suggestion of asking Google support to mark it 'moved'. They marked it 'Permanently Closed'. It had stopped showing in SERPS, but still was in Google Maps. NOW, it's the primary GBP showing for their brand searches and it says permanently closed. Sigh.

I'm thinking of claiming that listing and changing it to the current address and marking it opened. I know that will create duplicate listings. Will that mess up my current support case? Obviously, I want the correct one restored because that is where all the reviews are.

Thanks so much for input from the experts here! Needless to say the client is pretty upset by all this.
Hello. Just posting an update to this... I started to claim the old listing for this business that says 'permanently closed'. It was immediately added to my dashboard.

It is 'Disabled' due to incorrect information. That's true... the address and phone number are not correct. It says I can request reinstatement, but I'm hesitant to do so since I am trying to get the original, suspended, profile reinstated.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Always appreciate the knowledge of this forum.

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