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Jul 17, 2013
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So I moved my company address about 6 months ago. I changed the address in google local dashboard. Verified the postcard, still showed in local as pending. I used the awesome call contact google with a phone call to talk about it (not so awesome in hindsight). Well the lady on the phone said no problem but she insisted I transfer everything over to google+ and deactivate everything in places. I went along, all my reviews stayed in the new google+ which is a positive but then ding, I dropped off the 7 pack. Sometimes the 7 pack is only a 6 pack probably because I wont show up.

I was using brightlocals rank checker and was surprised when it had me listed as 3 locally. I questioned them and they said they pulled the info from the old local listing here

So I am still ranking in google local just not showing up as a google+ local.

I see people recommending not transferring to google+ because of these issues.

Is there anything I need to do to fix this or am I just toast?
Few questions-

How did you "deactivate" everything in Places and transfer the information? Did you just remove the listing from your account and claim it again with the same login information in G+?

What term were you ranking locally for? And what do you mean when you say "still ranking in Local just not showing up as a Google+ Local"?

I had a similar situation happen to me awhile back and wrote a post about my confusing experience.

Why You Can Create a G+ Business Page For A Service Area Business (SAB) | drumBEAT Marketing

In my case it was a SAB that moved locations. I updated their address in the old Google Places dashboard, had to use the mail verification method, and the listing was left "pending". After that we were out of the 7-pack, where we were had been in Position A for years.

Once I got the PIN and verified the listing it was still in review. I was at a loss. Not ranking, verified, but "pending". So, I also decided to give the Phone Support a go. I was surprised to hear the Rep suggest that I create a business page with the same account login information. I was under the impression that this option wasn't available to SAB's. He said that the lengthy "pending" status of my listing could be due to the merging of the dashboards. The rep assured me that if I created the page that he would manually merge them and this would have the listing active again (24-48 hours) BUT couldn't promise that it would be back in the 7-pack. I questioned him a few more times and made sure to have him stay on the phone with me while I created the business page.

Out of hope and curiousness I performed an incognito search a few hours later and to my surprise my listing was back in the 7-pack:eek: position E.
I didn't deactivate everything... Phone support did. The link above shows the old local places that shows my current ranking in the old places? I was given the link by brightlocal, that is the link they use to do their ranking check.

If I click on more listings it brings up maps and I am actually C on that For carpet cleaning chico Ca. But still not shown in the 7 pack?

I feel I am just screwed and do not know what to do. Maybe I am going to have to start over which really is depressing.
But we still don't know which listing is yours. You can explain where you rank but for us it may rank differently and we'd be wasting time researching the wrong business.

Need the link or business name and phone to be able to help.
Very sorry about that linda... My company is Modern Carpet Cleaning 5303453330
I thought I would give an update. Based off of the information I have read here primarily and the advice of a close local search seo friend I called google and asked them to transition me back to google places. They said they could do it and we will see how that affects everything.

Big shout out to Linda for providing this forum and information. Without it I would have been very lost on what to do or try.

I will keep you guys updated so if anyone else has the same issue you will know the outcome of going back to places.
Quick update in case anyone else experiences the same issue. Looked today at all my keyphrases and I have bounced back up to original positioning. It looks like it took google a couple weeks to index. If anyone else experiences the same it appears that patience is a virtue.

"patience is a virtue" when dealing with Google is an understatement. It just really can take time for changes to go into effect so often you have to play the waiting game.

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