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Aug 13, 2012
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Hey all,

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to share an update a member from our team, Joshua Volk, discovered this morning. If you reference the attached screenshot below you will see that there has been an update to the "Manage Your Pages" tab for Google Local. At first glance, this layout makes it easier to determine the difference between multiple locations. Our team is wondering if this could also potentially be a platform where (in the future) Google will provide analytics for each page.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated. We hope this information is beneficial and hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


Thanks so much Matt! Really appreciate you posting this. I was going to if I had the time but now I don't have to!

Want to become my new editor in chief??? :p

Thanks as always for generously sharing new info as your eagle-eye team finds it!
Thanks, Linda! We're always glad to share!

On a side note, how lengthy is the interviewing process for that position? ;)

Thanks again,
On a side note, how lengthy is the interviewing process for that position? ;)

Oh my it's a grueling process! The CEO is a witch and the whole board of directors would need to meet with you. We'd have to fly you out to corporate headquarters in Cancun. It's at least a 2 week process. :p

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