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Jul 21, 2023
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We have been in a cycle with Google since the end of May now. We submit our new address, go through the verification process, get verified, then nothing happens. The old address remains. We then get instructed to go through the process again and the same thing happens. This last time (2 weeks ago) Google Support acknowledged the issue and said we are being escalated to another team and to expect response in 24-48 hours. No response yet. When I respond to that initial Google Response Thread to ask for any email address or way to contact this "escalated" team, I get a response back that says "I can assure you that the issue has been routed to a team that can help". That's it. I do have a "case ID" for the escalated case - but no way to reach them. Has this happened to anyone before? Any advice? Do we just continue to wait? Thank you!
Sorry to hear that! I would post a thread at the GBP Forum asking for help. You'll need to provide your case ID's from you support interactions as well as all the details about the business.

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