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Feb 2, 2023
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Today I tried to post an offer update to GBP, and used ChatGPT as usual to create it with emojis etc. Seconds after the publication the update was removed "because it contains content that is considered spam". Is anyone aware? Is it anti AI, anti chatGPT feature, or something else?
I would be interested in seeing a screenshot of the dashboard notice if you can share that part without any business specific content?
@Brian - TGL Didn`t make any screenshot of the dashboard but here is the email

In a thread last year I read that using stock photos in a post was triggering removals:

I'm not sure if you had an image attached to your post, one other potential is including a phone number within the post text (instead of adding the "call now" button).
You could add context to your chat to guide the output at the start of each conversation with a "posts prompt":

Make sure every output is compliant with Google guidelines for GBP posts:
- never use the phone number
- always XXX
- never XXX

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