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Feb 5, 2013
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I have tried uploading new pictures to client's pages, as well. After a few weeks of not showing up I decided to upload some as a user instead of through the dashboard. The pictures were posted within an hour.

Is this an ok practice to use until the dashboard pics are posted? Is there a downside? are the user submitted photos worth anything to rankings?
Hi Kel,

I broke this off into it's own thread because it's a very interesting topic on it's own. Hope that's alright with you :)

I have to run but I'll be back later to weigh in.

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That's totally fine. As it sounds like you know, it generally takes 4-6 weeks for pics that you upload through the Google Places dashboard to make their way onto the page.

Google won't whack you for uploading photos as a "user," but it's probably not going to do much for rankings. At most it may be a very minor help, but that's just speculation on my part.

BTW, if your client is eligible for the "upgraded" version of a Google+Local page (the one that has all the social bells and whistles of Google+), then photo and video uploads get processed almost instantly.
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Do you have any additional information on the "upgraded" G+Local pages? I would appreciate it.

Kel, Here are a couple great posts on the “upgraded” pages:

Step by Step Guide to the Google+ Business/Local Merge Verification Process | Understanding Google Places & Local Search

Google + Local: Q’s and some A’s | Understanding Google Places & Local Search

Essentially, what you’re doing is creating a “Google+ for Business” page in the same account that your “Google+Local” (formerly known as Google Places) page is in. Then you’re logging into Google+ and asking Google to (essentially) “combine” the two. That’s what the first post (above) walks you through.

If your client is a “service-area” business – meaning he travels to his customers rather than their coming to his place of business – then disregard everything I just wrote. Those sorts of businesses aren’t eligible for the “upgraded” page that allows you (among other things) to publish photos and videos instantly.
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Gotcha, I am following now. I thought there was some special listing out there for certain types of business. Thank you for the info.

However, I was under the impression that holding off on the merge was the best thing for now.
Yes Kel, Jade even advises doing user photo uploads so it's OK.

And I'm one that says wait don't merge yet. Also other types of businesses don't qualify to merge. But I think what Phil was saying is if/when you do merge things happen faster in G+. But it's buggy enough and some features are missing so I would just wait a bit til they figure stuff out a little better.
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Yes, as Linda said, I meant if you decide to "merge," then photos and such will be faster to upload. Doesn't mean you should, though. There are several variables. I probably should have articulated that a bit more clearly!
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100% agree here. If you HAVE TO merge then do it otherwise wait until there is a lot less bugs.

I will say the merged listings are pretty impressive and you can do a lot more with them (more text showing off your business, videos, photos...etc).

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